Infotalk has the domain experience and technological depth to address the range of challenges your manufacturing company faces. We have helped many global manufacturers leverage IT to optimize their production process and integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making.


Education institutes can leverage the many advantages of a changing Information Technology paradigm to make education more effective and less expensive. At Infotalk, our domain experts tell you how. We guide you towards the right solutions, which help enhance your capabilities and serve your audience better.

Payment Card Industry

The Payment Card Industry is constantly looking at ways to make transactions quicker and more secure. In the midst of continuously evolving regulations and process norms, there is an increasing need to find effective methods of curbing fraud.

Finance / Private Equity

One of the most remarkable corporate phenomena of the last ten years has been the growth of private equity. A decade ago, private equity was known as venture capital and was the Cinderella of the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) world. Today, it is the mainstay of M&As.


The bidding process in the construction industry can be transformed into a simple and efficient one with smart technology. With a thorough understanding of this fact, we bring you automated systems that make your processes more effective.