Quality Assurance Services

The success of a product or service is intrinsically linked to its quality. Flaws and discrepancies in solutions, once developed and deployed, prove to be very expensive, and can result in loss of time and money.

Infotalk offers both offshore and onsite software test services to help you overcome these challenges. Our dedicated team of skilled software test professionals provide a full range of Quality Assurance (QA) Services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, and control of software development processes. We test your software applications/ products for adherence to functional and performance requirements, user-friendliness, stability, security, and other aspects.

Choosing us as your QA partner allows you to concentrate more on your core business. We perform a thorough independent verification and validation, which enables you to deliver your product/ application just-in-time to market and at a lower cost. We work closely with our clients and tailor a test strategy based on the nature of the application to ensure that the quality level demanded by their customer is achieved. Our QA team of skilled and certified professionals, who are abreast of the latest tools and technologies, ensure that your applications are reliable and error-free.

By outsourcing your QA to us, you gain from our:
  • Unbiased and independent assessment.
  • Assessments compliant with ISO and CMMI standards.
  • Expertise in using a variety of testing tools.
  • Effective testing methodologies.
  • Professional testing.
  • Experienced testers and managers.
  • Efforts to reduce development cost and time.


Using our risk-based approach to QA, we help you set up a process to apply the appropriate level of QA to your projects. We manage your QA backlog and provide you with the QA Management and targeted resources needed for your projects. All this means that you save money by paying for resources only when you need them, and you improve quality by having the right skills for each task.


Our software testing service offerings enable you to achieve predicable, efficient, and cost-effective software quality. We have built a wealth of proven expertise and experience in software test engineering gained from numerous projects for enterprise software companies and global 2000 IT organizations.


Infotalk has vast experience in the QA Services space and in providing end-to-end quality assurance in the following domains.

Domain Applications
Finance Asset management
Retail and institutional eBusiness
Private equity
Applications for PCI Industry
Enterprise Applications CRM Application
Manufacturing/Engineering Applications
Academics University Application
Networking NMS Application
Embedded Applications Embedded Applications